Avira Endpoint Security Test

Endpoint protection overview

Anti-Exploitation software installed on your laptop and desktop computers.

Technology that anticipates the most common attack techniques attackers might use to exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems, and helps protect by diverting, terminating, blocking, and invalidating those actions and techniques.

  • This is not anti-virus / anti-malware.
  • Solution is geared towards disrupting 0-day exploits in Applications.
  • Software is not signature based (do not require definition updates).
  • Uses in-memory application behavior to stop exploits.

Security policies to restrict the installation of unauthorized software from your computers.

Limit the danger from:

  • Drive-by malware attacks.
  • Social Engineering.
  • Scare-ware.
  • Ransom-ware.
  • CryptoWall.
  • Downtime from Employee installed software (unapproved).

Since no single technology is 100% effective, we also use “Machine Learning” technology we provide insight into potentially infected computers. We can integrate with your existing service desk system and open tickets when we see something suspicious

Types of behavior we track:

  • Repeated Connections to “Command and Control” servers for criminal networks.
  • The use of Web Proxy avoidance technology.
  • Use of technologies to provide users anonymity.

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