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cryptolocker 2.0 - Are you ready?

Author Date 05 February 2014 (0)
Hi, I'm sure the word cryptolocker've recently started hearing from somewhere. Many cyber security firm cryptolocker for yet did not find an exact solution, cryptolocker quickly began to spread in the new version 2.0 of cyber space. Other cyber security companies and users are still trying to fight with malicious ransomware to COMODO cryptolock has never had a concern about it. In fact, if you use the auto-sandbox technology that comes with COMODO Endpoint Security is already safe here. (Ransomware, infiltrate the network with malicious software, and behind it is that the name given to the encrypted data on computers in the network. It is a data fidyecilig with another expression. The goal is to try to shake you by encrypting your data.) Now it has probably come the following question to mind: how we're safe COMODO this we can be so sure? Because until now COMODO using a single computer related cryptolocker over 40 millionthe problem has not been reported. COMODO technology is so safe that uses COMODO Endpoint Security users are guaranteed up to $ 5,000 virus-free luxury. However, this warranty COMODO so far has not had to make a single payment. That's why the technology used by COMODO "impenetrable armor," he calls. Cryptolocker What it is and How it Works? Configure a Trojan-based ransomware cryptolocker. Usually it spreads through e-mail. The aim is to encrypt the data Cryptolocker infiltrate the Windows operating system and then money from desperate users encrypted data (ransom) is to ask. Some analysts may call him as a perfect crime impossible to defeat the virus, COMODO is to think differently about it. cryptolock after infection takes control of your computer and encrypts all data files, including MS Office files. Up when you want to open your files via payment systems such as Bitcoin or moneypak you from $ 300Remove the screen around a message demanding a ransom. cryptolocker be removed by many anti-virus programs on your system, but unfortunately, your chances of turning the encrypted files is no longer restored. The only thing you can do in case you are prompted to pay money or have to be willing to lose your data. Dell SecureWorks 100 days last December in a report released on cryptolocker 200,000 - 300,000 issued speculated that a PC is infected. Probably 0.4% of these victims (four thousand) cubic part of the ransom paid. This may seem like a small percentage, but the hackers, it is expected that the money earned around $ 360,000 in just 3 months with this method. So that is seen as a way to make easy money more in the coming days to meet with these harmful and should not be surprising at all similar. According to Comodo's assessment cryptolocker 2.0 is a derivative copy of this new type of threat and its most fundamental sense. The first threatUnlike passwords more file format version. Unlike the first version, and not via e-mail, spread via USB storage device. It has been reported that the new derivative is significantly different from the original cryptolocker. Opening a new window in Windows locked Windows interface and disable the escape key leaves. On the other hand ALT TAB key dysfunctional releasing, Tasmgr.ex to (Task Manager), Regedit.exe (System Registry Editor), cmd.exe (Command Line Client), explorer.exe (Windows Explorer), msconfig.exe (System Configuring ) prevents the work of such as system files. In short, it will be much more widespread cryptolocker 2.0 and similar threats in the coming days, as I mentioned above. Well, these threats are, as I said at the beginning of the article in question is not cause for COMODO Endpoint Security users? Because COMODO Default Deny / automated malware and other files with sandbox will never give an opportunityIt has the defensive architecture. COMODO Endpoint Security focuses on prevention not only detection of threats. Comodo's patent pending Auto Sandbox technology files first safe, unsafe and questionable files identify it as unknown. Then automatically secure non-suspicious files in real time and insulated (prison cell-like) prevents the penetration of your system running in an environment. If a known malicious threats, COMODO Antivirus (AV) recognizes the harmful signature and without any damage (eg malicious files without encryption) preventing threats. If the threat is unknown threats, COMODO Sandbox and HIPS automatic stopping the process steps to intervene and prevent harmful viruses from infecting your system. COMODO laborotuvar of AV signature database for pests like the black list will be updated continuously cryptolocker. These updates prior to that found in the black list of threats to the endpoint automatically when it tries to be infectedSandbox and quarantine will be taken as to be able to delete the system administrator COMODO ESM Management Console by following endpoints are easily seeing through the sandbox or quarantined threats. COMODO Endpoint Security Manager RMM on next-generation endpoints through panoramic management console (Relationship Management Methodology / Metedolojisi Relationship Management) and provides a comprehensive systems and security management experience. This way, when one of the users in such extreme open a malicious message containing cryptolock CES (Comodo Endpoint Security) malicious (or unknown) to detect the file and the system administrator will alert simultaneously by automatically sandbox. The system administrator where the endpoint Found threats via remote console instead of the ESM to intervene physically able to remove over endpoints. This process COMODO "Four Steps to Safety" defined as: system administrator from the ESM console in the sandboxSee files. Managers want to remove the malicious file / files are selected. Managers working in Sandbox malicious file / endpoint that provides remote access to files. The files on the endpoint that provides access administrator / delete threats. COMODO, the above four steps for security "really is that simple!" He described. COMODO In fact, this is not just something I say simply. Because COMODO Endpoint products (CES), COMODO Internet Security (CIS) contained in products and patents pending to protect users against threats such as cryptolocker "DDS / Auto Sandbox" strengthened by technology. COMOSO CIS products, internet security in the prestigious group and several independent security expert in the hosting site By "Proactive Defense Challenge 64" project was awarded to the highest level. I CIS "Ultimate Protection Machine" defined as. COMODO ESM companies and users are cryptolockas well as to protect against threats, it contains many diverse and talented management feature. For example, management and endpoint update to the latest version of the ESM and brave to follow the central threats, to do automatic synchronization through Active Directory endpoint, endpoints VNC (remote access) as provide.

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