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It will start a Wizard to configure the LAMP server and install all the stuff it needs.

Select LAMP.

You should be asked for password for the MySQL root user account:

Once it is complete, you should have a LAMP stack ready and there will be a webserver running that you can test.

You need to open the HTTP port 80 on your VM from Azure firewall:

Go to Endpoint and create a new endpoint and map port 80.

Wait at least 5 mins after Azure says it is done. I could not hit the site immediately after getting complete message. I had to wait for some time.

Now, the moment of truth:

The web folder is at /var/www. This is the equivalent of c:inetpubwwwroot in Windows.

You will find an index.html file there, which is what you see when you browser your server.

Let’s create a test.php file there to make sure PHP is working.

nano test.php

Then put this into the file:

<?php phpInfo() ?>

Ctrl+X, Y, ENTER to get out of nano.

Now hit this file on browser:

You should see this:

This means PHP is ready and you are now ready to install WordPress.

Tune MySQL to consume less memory

On an extra small VM, we have very limited RAM. So, we need to tune MySQL to use as little RAM as possible. So, we need to change the mysql config files to make some adjustments.

First, backup the config file.

cp /etc/mysql/my.cnf my-original.cnf

Now let’s make some changes. I usually change the following values:

# * Fine Tuning

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