Endpoint Security Benefits

ESET Endpoint Security ESET Endpoint Security supplies fast, light and accurate anti-malware protection. You can protect all of your software under single-console management for multiple platforms and mixed environments. Proactively protect your business with the solution that detects and eliminates threats while supporting compliance regulations requiring endpoint security. Provides Web filtering by category. Scans removable media for malware. Two-way firewall protects your network and data against inbound and outbound security breaches. Botnet protection blocks efforts by hackers to secretly install bot programs on your computer in order to take remote control of it. Manage everything from a single console with the intuitive web based Remote Administrator. Powered by proven NOD32 technology, ESET Endpoint Security delivers proactive malware defense that balances fast scanning with accurate detection in an low and modest system footprint. New Features: Enhanced Exploit Blocker (inESET Endpoint Antivirus / ESET Endpoint Security) Exploit Blocker has been designed to fortify often exploited application types on users’ systems, such as web browsers, PDF readers, email clients or MS Office components. It adds another layer of protection, one step closer to attackers, by using a completely different technology compared to techniques focusing on detection of malicious files themselves. Vulnerability Shield (in ESET Endpoint Security) Vulnerability Shield is an extension of Two-way Firewall that improves detection of known vulnerabilities on the network level. By implementing detections for common vulnerabilities in widely used protocols, such as SMB, RPC and RDP, it constitutes another important layer of protection against spreading malware, network-conducted attacks and exploitations of vulnerabilities for which a patch has not been released or deployed yet. Advanced Memory Scanner (in ESET Endpoint Antivirus / ESET Endpoint Security) This couples nicely withExploit Blocker, as it is also designed to strengthen the protection against modern malware. The Advanced Memory Scanner monitors the behavior of a malicious process and scans it once it de-cloaks in the memory. This allows for effective infection prevention even from heavily obfuscated malware. Anti-Phishing (in ESET Endpoint Antivirus / ESET Endpoint Security; ESET Endpoint Antivirus for OS X / ESET Endpoint Security for OS X) Anti-Phishing technology protects users from attempts to acquire passwords, banking data and other sensitive information by fake websites masquerading as legitimate ones. When a user’s computer attempts to access an URL, ESET systems compare it against their database of known phishing sites. Botnet Protection (in ESET Endpoint Security) Botnet Protection provides another network-based layer of detection to reveal possible running threats. It searches outgoing network communications for known malicious patterns, and matches the remote site against a blacklist ofmalicious ones.
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