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It is becoming increasingly apparent to us all that computers are everywhere, even in our cell phones, and can help us accomplish many tasks from finding information on the Internet to analyzing large genomic data sets. This morning, Bill Gates will address how computing contributes to improving our world as he kicks off the . His topic reminds me of how much our conception of the role of computing has changed since the days of mainframe computers.

The world has always needed outstanding young thinkers who possess deep theoretical understanding combined with curiosity, drive, and energy. Today’s technical opportunities and demands only increase that need.

Every year, I look forward to welcoming researchers to Microsoft’s Redmond campus for the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit, which seeks to bring academia and Microsoft Research together to assess the state of the art and exchange a broad range of ideas across disciplinary and technology boundaries. Some 2,500 academics and scientists from more than 500 universities have participated in the Faculty Summits in Redmond since 2000.

This year, more than 650 distinguished researchers will convene to explore a host of issues that the computing community is seeking to address through technology, such as finding cures for cancer, providing assistance during natural disasters, or predicting political events that can upend stability. Knowing that a physical event can’t scale to accommodate the growing interest in this event, we have added virtual programming for the broader audience. It includes the live broadcast of Bill Gates’ session and shares key content from the summit program through fast-paced Research in Focus interviews.

I am certain you will gain insights and value through your virtual attendance at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit, so I encourage you to watch the live stream. You’ll not only hear from (and have the opportunity to question) leading researchers, you’ll also be able to learn about the opportunities to engage with us in the quest to improve the world through technical innovation.

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