Endpoint Security Enforcement

PATH = /usr/bin/:/bin:/usr/sbin

*/10 * * * * /home/testadmin/checksite >> $HOME/uptime.log 2>&1

Save the file and exit. Wait for 10 minutes. It should run the script and produce a file in /root/uptime.log folder.

You can view the content of the file using cat command.

cat /root/uptime.log

This will show you if the site was down at some time.

Detect rogue process and kill them automatically

Sometimes there might be some process that keeps consuming 100% CPU all the time and brings down your server. Sometimes it happens to Apache process if you are under attack and the attacker has found a way to hit som expensive page that consumes high CPU. In that case, you will need some automatic way to kill top CPU consuming process and recover the server. Here’s a script to do that:


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