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Antivirus Microsoft built into Windows 8 will turn off if no other product

Among the many features that are present in the new operating system 8 is an integrated made by Microsoft, Windows Defender, offering free protection for users to combat threats.

The fact that it comes pre-installed with Windows by default extremely worried about the companies associated with the item, such as McAfee, and all those who make money selling their own antivirus software. However, confirmed that the presence of its product offerings will not interfere with pay, as will be disabled automatically when it detects the presence of third party software, activating only when nothing is installed or the database of the solution outside is too outdated.

This should make it quiet to companies like McAfee, but in this business anyway resent Microsoft as far as they believe was taken only to happy to let system builders like HP or Dell, who are paid to preinstall products such as Norton Internet Security from the factory.

The question remains then what about the solution they propose to solve the problems facing their business model. Perhaps it is the complete removal of Windows Antivirus …

Link: (Ars Technica)

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