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Application Control with Endpoint Security in eScan

A request came in the other day from a frustrated admin asking, “Do you know of any software that I can use to block the installation of software on client computers?” He was tired of users continually downloading and installing questionable programs that caused havoc on their systems which he would then be called in to repair.

Fortunately the client had eScan Internet Security Suite installed. No new software was required. No longer just anti-virus software, eScan has evolved into a full security suite with many useful tools for managing and monitoring your network.

In this instance the “Endpoint Security” module had the tools needed to prevent users from installing and running unauthorized software.

By simply enabling application control under the Endpoint Security module users will be limited to running only authorized programs. When a program tries to run that has not been authorized, the user will be notified via a pop-up window.

But hey, that’s a program we use all the time! No problem, the admin can simply open the report and right click on the item to whitelist it. The report is also an excellent tool for monitoring which programs the user is running.

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