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McAfee endpoint protection reaches new heights and safety performance
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Advances in the control of applications in encryption, in mobile and hardware enhanced security protection help safeguard endpoints proactively and context-based. As part of its Security Connected strategy, McAfee announced the breakthrough of its products for endpoint security, providing innovative context-based protection against advanced threats. While the first generation guards were concentrated on research and response to known threats, the new generation of McAfee endpoint security protects businesses from both known threats and those unknown. Every day new threats are designed, therefore, on the protection of devices, data and applications from the unknown that companies should aim.

"Deploying and managing security in complex IT environments, including virtual and physical computers, employee-owned devices, servers, laptops and data centers is a full-time job," says Ryan Finlay, IT Manager for Networking, Telecommunication and Security of Reliant Medical Group. "Considering the problem of sophisticated malware and unknown, McAfee's advanced approach provides us with an easy way to fully protect endpoints."

McAfee's innovative solutions include dynamic whitelisting "user centric", prevention of zero-day intrusions into the MBR of the hard drive (Master Boot Records), secure containers for mobile devices, and encrypted remote management to address advanced threats. In an examination by third parties these technologies have been used against a standard malware sample, proving the high effectiveness of the approach. In the independent test by West Coast Labs, the endpoint next-generation McAfee security was able to block 100% of malware. The importance of such advanced protection was further emphasized by Neil MacDonald, Gartner stated that: "The context-based adaptive protection will be the only way to securely support companies and IT infrastructure dynamics that emerge from here to 10 years. "1

The new offer for McAfee endpoint security includes:

McAfee Deep Defender - the latest version of the endpoint security enhanced by hardware, jointly developed by Intel and McAfee, greatly increases the scope of the zero-day protection against rootkits that includes rootkit detection in the MBR (Master Boot Records), the main source of many attacks aimed at identity theft and financial data.

McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC and for Mac - Important improvements have reduced the burden on SSDs and nearly zero impact on performance thanks to Intel AES-NI technology. In addition, the integration of Intel AMT in McAfee ePO Deep Command enables secure remote management of devices turned off or disabled using Windows 8.

McAfee Application Control - updates have extended the whitelisting beyond the common desktop environment with an innovative technology three-level IT executives have the control on the approval of the applications that are not included in the white list.

McAfee Enterprise Mobility Manager - now supports Apple iOS 6 and integrates the newest version of McAfee Secure Container for Android 2.0. This new release provides additional security and management capabilities for Android and Apple iOS 6 devices.

"A new generation of mobile devices and users requires a newer security," said Candace Worley, senior vice president and general manager of McAfee endpoint security. "The progress of McAfee security of endpoints announced today offer the cutting-edge protection companies from both known and unknown threats, on all platforms. Thanks to an innovative security technology characterized by a high level of protection, McAfee is able to meet customer demand for the performance-optimized applications without compromising the user experience. "

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