Endpoint Security Wise

If you plan to install (collocate) to System Center Service Manager (SCSM) Management Server on the same server as the FIM Synchronization Service, FIM Service, FIM Portal, etc., for example in your home lab for testing, you have to think about installing multiple SQL server instances. One of the reasons why you should install multiple SQL instances are SCSM’s requirements, for example because of the collation (multi-language support).

But there is something you should be aware of: Please do not use something like MSSQLSERVER_SCSM as the name of the instance, otherwise the SCSM Management Server installation wizard will fail! What you will see in the wizard is the error “access to the sql server instance was denied”, with the instance listed as Default_SCSM. If you use something like SCSM as the name for your instance, everything works smoothly…

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