Endpoint Vs Security Essentials

Our Company Joscor’s mission is to educate and support businesses with their digital security and privacy.
~ Infrastructure Security Security goes beyond endpoint services (websites, APIs) and we always put in the extra effort to assess the entire infrastructure for security risks from platform to code.  Forward Thinking We’re a group of IT administrators and developers that never stop learning. If you’re currently vetting a next-gen software or platform, let us help you get all of the facts and know all of the pros & cons before making a decision.  Authentication Specialists Identity & Access Management is an ever-evolving concept that requires careful planning and development in order to be effective. We can help you design a practical, secure, and scalable solution that provides a seamless experience for your end users.  Customer Support We are in the business of keeping your business, and your customers, secure. If you’re not sure where to start, send us a message and let’s form a high-level security strategy. It’s a painless process that will leave you with a sense of direction soyou can confidently make good security decisions.
Joscor exceeded my expectations and provided wonderful service. They are very knowledgeable and quick to provide a solution. Would highly recommend! Web App (AngularJS Firebase) Joscor was an excellent source of help. They provided real-time support and advice on a coding project, including a review of my codebase at no charge. Way over-the-top support and excellent feedback! Thanks for the help – I hope to work with you again! Programming Training Joscor has done an excellent job. Their insights were extremely valuable in assessing and assuring particular security aspects of our system. Their prototype implementation not only served us well, above that it is a perfect demonstration of the process, and really a best practice implementation of such a system. Secure Ticketing Authentication Not only did they complete the task quickly and efficiently, but they shared extra information with us which will help us in the future. Great communication skills, very professional. Would highlyrecommend. SSL Assessment & Remediation Joscor went above and beyond to promptly fix a problem with our eCommerce website. The situation ended up being much more involved than we initially thought, and they kept me updated every step of the way. They took care of a complex situation in a timely, efficient manner. Magento eCommerce Hardening Joscor immediately understood what we needed and provided an honest, truthful and insightful assessment of the situation, and they came up with good solutions to our problem. They were very flexible in accommodating confidentiality limitations on our part. Their communication style is upfront, very much to my liking, and they are easy to work with. Thanks! API Service Security Audit
Let's Start A Conversation We love to talk about information security and we invite you to contact us if you have security concerns or are looking for advice and direction.

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