Eset Endpoint Internet Security

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ISE Policies: Authentication, Authorization, Profiling, Posture, Client Provisioning, SGA

Policy Elements: Dictionaries, Conditions, Results

If Condition Then Result

Dictionary is a predefined set of conditions <-> result

ISA Authentication

Authentication Policy



External authentication:

ISE PSNs need to be joined to the Active Directory, so it will relay on DNS and local Domain Controllers depending on the Site configuration.

ISA Authorization

Top-Down list of rules.

Default rule allows all access.

Downloadable ACLs

 Cisco TrustSec (CTS)

Security Group Access – Security Group Tagging

Cisco Proprietary

Tags are added after the 802.1Q information in the Ethernet frame.

Network Access Device will tag the L2 packets from the endpoint based on the ISE authorization policy. The tags will be used in Security Group ACLs around the network to allow or block access to the resources.

Cisco TrustSec switch configuration:

radius server ISE-PAC

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