Eset Endpoint Security Bilgisayardan Kaldirma

This is a question I get often : When implementing Deep Security do we (as the client) need to purchase vShield Manager or vShield Endpoint for the solution at extra costs ?

Well Simple answer is NO !

vShield Endpoint is for free with ESXi Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise editions. to the VMware ESXi Editions comparison site. I took a screenshot of the section of the page that indicated the inclusion of vShield Endpoint :

The next question is around vShield Manager. vShield Endpoint is a function of vShield Manager, thus you need to deploy vShield Manager in your environment. If you are entitled to ESXi and vCenter as a licensed product you will be able to download vShield Manager also. There is no charge for vShield Manager (That I know of!). If you need to use vShield App or Edge you will need to only purchase the needed number of those (App/Edge) licenses and you will receive vShield Manager also.

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