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The and drag-and-drop themes for WordPress have recently been patched for a privilege escalation vulnerability and a remote code execution issue discovered by Sucuri during a routine audit. Sucuri is classifying the vulnerabilities as high risk, with a score of 9/10, and recommends that users update their copies of the themes as soon as possible.

The privilege escalation vulnerability is present in both themes, where a WordPress AJAX hook is used to modify a set of options. “Because all wp_ajax_ hooks are usable by any logged-in users (no matter what privileges they have on the target site), a subscribed user could use this hook to overwrite any options located on WordPress options database table,” Sucuri explained in the .

This makes it possible for an attacker to grant all new users the administrator role. However, a user’s site must be open for registration in order for this kind of attack to be successful.

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