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It’s Christmas in August for VMware Customers

August 27, 2012 by Kevin
Some huge announcements were made at VMWorld today, many of which will be warmly received by VMware customers. I’m not referring to some of the great new features like the vSphere 5.1 web client, but things like new product entitlements, improved licensing and more. Licensing and vRAM Last year VMware announced a new vRAM licensing component with some controversy. If customers wanted to deploy a large server with 512GB of RAM for example, they would have to purchase additional vSphere licenses to accommodate the memory consumption.  This, leaving per processor licensing as the only component.  This will enable customers to immediately leverage the new 64 vCPU capabilities of vSphere 5.1 for large virtual machines without having to incur additional licensing costs. vShield vShield was formerly sold separately as three products: vShield Endpoint (antivirus protection for VMs) vShield App (Virtual Application Layer Firewall) vShield Edge (Gateway Security Appliance (firewall/NAT,VPN,etc.)) is now included in vSphere 5.1 Standard and higher editions. Current vSphere customers with support essentially are getting vShield Endpoint for free. The other two vShield products, and  (not to be confused with Bono and Edge) have been rolled up into a new product called which is a part of the . vSphere customers at the Enterprise Plus tier are entitled to a free upgrade to the Standard edition of vCloud Suite. Eligible customers who take advantage of this are essentially getting vShield App and Edge for free. vShield features such as high availability for firewalls and load balancing will require an upgrade to the Advanced Edition of vCloud Suite. vCloud Director (vCD) is a key and integral part of VMware’s IaaS solution framework, and because it is also a part of the new vCloud Suite, eligible customers will essentially get vCloud Director (and vCloud Connector) for free. Very nice! Breaking It Down Here’s a basic table summary of the new product entitlements available tovSphere customers: New vSphere Benefits Standard Enterprise Enterprise Plus no vRAM license restriction no vRAM license restriction no vRAM license restriction vShield Endpoint vShield Endpoint vShield Endpoint vShield App & Edge vCloud Director & Connector Those are some pretty nice benefits which I suspect many VMware customers will be very pleased with.
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