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A raw sector-by-sector image is the only supported image When creating the disk image you must create the “raw image” by using the “IR” switch. This will create a snapshot of the encrypted hard disk.

Warning: Do not compress the image.

Note: The image size will be comparable to the size of the drive being imaged. For example, a 60 GB drive will generate a 60 GB image file.

Listed below are the recommended switches and their definitions to use when creating a Sector By Sector copy of an encrypted Hard Drive:

IR: The Image Raw switch copies the entire disk, ignoring the partition table. This is useful when a disk does not contain a partition table in the standard PC format, or you do not want partitions to be realigned to track boundaries on the destination disk. Some operating systems may not be able to access unaligned partitions. Partitions cannot be resized during restore and you need an identical or larger disk. Auto: Automatically names spanned image files during creation. Using this switch avoids the user prompt that asks for confirmation of the next destination location for the remainder of the image file that is being restored. This switch is the default behavior for Symantec Ghost. FRO: Forces Ghost to continue cloning even if the source contains bad clusters. Example: “Ghost.exe -IR -Auto -FRO”

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