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If you’ve noticed the disk space on your Lumension EMSS server slowly increasing, its possible we can reduce the disk utilization by removing old patches.

Check if the space utilisation is due to a large number of patches:

  • Check to see if the bulk of the space is used by the EMSS\Content\00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000  folder, this is where patches are stored.

If the disk utilisation culprit is the UPCCOMON database,

Freeing up disk capacity by removing old patches:

  • Once you’ve confirmed the issue is caused by old patches, contact Lumension support.
  • They can give you a utility called “ContentCleaner”, which purges Critical 05 patches (old and new). 
  • You can then run replication by logging into EMSS and going Tools>Subscription Updates>Update Now

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