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What do you do when you need to create around 40 Symantec Endpoint Protection packages?!

I’m way too impatient to do it manually, and after automating the sylink creation (see ), I got the idea of automating the setup.exe creation.

Prerequistes: Ok, first thing you will need to do is setup your sylink files:

You will need on your SEPM, this allows us to update the contents of the zip archive.

Export a setup msi directory from your SEPM, do not create a single exe file. Once you have done this, zip up the output into a regular zip file call, this will be your $setup_src

Running the Script: 1) put all of your sylink files into a directory structure like this: Sylink/   domain1/     group1_sylink.xml     group2_sylink.xml   domain2/     group3_sylink.xml     group4_sylink.xml 2) create a domains.txt file in the Sylink/ directory: domain1 domain2 3) create a groups.txt (or use your previous groups.txt from the sylink creation) and put one in each domain directory (ie: Sylink/domain1/groups.txt). The groups.txt has a list of each group: group1 group2 4) find the makesfx.exe: it is on the SEPM, in your SEPM install path: /Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager/tomcat/bin, and copy it to a convenient location. You will point the script variable $MakeSFX to it.

5) edit the script variables, make sure the paths point to the right places. Note for $bits and $type, I manually update these depending if im exporting 32 or 64 bit packages and Server or Desktop packages (depending on the SEP features in the package) $update = @" C:\"Program Files"\7-Zip\7z.exe u "@ $delete = @" C:\"Program Files"\7-Zip\7z.exe d "@ $MakeSFX = "D:\temp\MakeSFX.exe" $setup_src = "D:\temp\" $setup_dst = "D:\Program Files\Symantec\SEP Agents\bulk\" $sylink_dir = "D:\Program Files\Symantec\SEP Agents\Sylink\" $domains_txt = $sylink_dir "domains.txt" $bits = "_x32" $type = "_Desktop" 6) run the script and marvel at how much faster you can extrude out (think sausage factory ) setup files!

You can pull the scripts from

Im pretty sure I have hit the Win inflection on this chart:

Actually, this script generated about 40 setup exe’s for me in 20 minutes. If it takes about 5 minutes to export a setup.exe from the SEP console, Im certain I’m in front, even with script setup time, and definately with reduction in Repetitive Click Boredom.

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