Kaspersky Endpoint Security Guide

/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ AllowOverride All

This means the site is now enabled (as it is in sites-enabled folder) and the AllowOverride is done properly.

Now we need to create a file on the virtual host (website) and see if the site works:

nano /var/www/

Put something there and then hit the URL.

Before hitting URL, you need to put the Public IP of the server in your local PC’s hosts file. In Windows, it is c:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts. You should add something like this:

Now you can hit the on browser and it should show:

This means we have got virtual host configured. Now you just have to map your domain to the IP of the VM.

Install WordPress

Now we will install the WordPress engine. First go to your /home/testadmin directory and then run the following commands.

cd /home/testadmin/

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