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Symantec created an online FPS (first person shooter) game where you play a hero that roams around with his goggles and an anti-infection gun. This is definitely an interesting concept of game: .

After registering on the Symantec Endpoint Game web site (you will need a valid e-mail address), you can login and start playing. For starting the game you will need Unity Web Player that enables you to view 3D content created on Unity platform directly in your browser.

The Symantec Endpoint Protection Game is a 3-D style, first person shooter game in which the player’s goal is to eliminate all threats and restore the network to full capacity through the power of Symantec’s Endpoint Protection.

Eligibility is limited to persons who are employed by companies with more than 500 employees as of the Contest start date, who are members of a team comprised of at least one but no more than five players who obtain the highest cumulative team score within the designated timeframe (such cumulative team score calculated by adding together the scores of the individual Players on that team).  Individuals may participate on more than one team.

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