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by   on October 16th, 2010 in , Work is well underway on 3.1 and a quick update detailing the status of some of the new features as we approach the November 1st code freeze . The following features will more than likely be included in WordPress 3.1: – “Allow denoting a post as a certain format. Some example formats are aside, gallery, link, quote. This will allow themes to style these posts according to format.” (ready to go, awaiting decision to include a UI that themes can enable) – “Lift some of the search and browse ideas from the themes.php.” (still in first draft) – “. . . you click a button for an internal link . . . and it allows you to search for a post or browse a list of existing content by title, date, author, etc. and select it for inclusion.” (patch provided) – “. . . an administration bar similar to the one on” (first round is in) – “. . . makes most columns sortable, introduces a new pagination style, ajaxifies sortable columns, pagination & search . . .”(ready to go) – Visual editor updated to (ready to go) – Allows users to query multiple taxonomies. (first round is in) – Provides an index for custom post type virtual directories. (first round is in) – Cleans up “all admin CSS files to make them much easier to maintain, reduce bloat, consolidate extraneous files, and provide better support for admin color schemes.” (will span two releases) – Makes QuickPress a function useable by custom post types and themes. (first round is in) – Provides a more personal Dashboard; “a single endpoint for accessing profile information, cross-site preferences, a launching point for accessing all of a user’s blogs, collation of stats across all of a user’s blogs, a place for a multisite aware QuickPress, etc.” (first round is in) – Moves “the Super Admin menus and related pages out of the regular admin and into wp-admin/network/.” (fixing bugs) I’m looking forward to the extra customization that post formats will offer and the shortcuts toadmin functions provided by the admin bar. Which new features are you looking forward to the most? Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to for updates on this topic.   Tags: ,

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