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Delivering reliability and Quality of Service

Services to manage the technology foundation for telemedicine that encompasses equipment, applications, and network. The benefits include:

  • Proactive monitoring and remote management
  • High quality performance
  • Maximum availability
  • Proactive support

Solution Features

High Quality of Service is delivered through link monitoring and bandwidth optimization, together with Best Path Routing where each packet is dynamically routed based on performance. Utilizing Best Path Routing over the Internet, supported by multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs), offers a solution many times less expensive than building a point‐to‐point private IP network or MPLS.

Infrastructure Management and Support that through proactive monitoring and remote management of the video network ensures all elements work when needed.

Endpoint Management and Support that through proactive monitoring and remote management of the endpoint equipment delivers the best user experience. This is achieved for all aspects of video, network, and power, by deploying the Med‐RT Appliance for Remote Management and Monitoring.

Redundancy & Fail‐over Call Routing offers a fault‐ tolerant network through redundant infrastructure equipment and the ability to route via multiple ISPs. Outsourcing the failover equipment is a more cost effective solution than duplicating multiple network elements such as switches, routers, gatekeepers, MCU’s as well as connectivity, power and locations; an option that can easily double the capital investment and increase communications cost.

Technical Help Desk to ensure effective, consistent, user support.

Utilization & Satisfaction Reporting to assess service level, measure ROI, and quantify success. Reports include system‐by‐system and encounter‐by‐ encounter statistics with all data available for export to charge‐back and billing systems.

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