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Protecting Your Privacy

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More and more of our life is becoming digital. Are you prepared to deal with the privacy and security implications of that fact? As a permanent digital nomad, my life is lived online more than most others and I have had to learn about the issues involved the hard way. So, I decided to take a comprehensive look at what I have learned along the journey and share that knowledge with you. This book is one of a three-part series of computer and online guides covering basic and advanced computer setup, local and online backup and syncing, and online privacy and security. The following topics are covered: Passwords: Everything You Need to Know Protecting Your Computer Protecting Your Files with Encryption Safely Using Public Computers and Networks Wi-Fi and Networking Keeping Your Browsing Activity Private Securing Your Network Connection VPNs and Proxy Servers Chatting Securely Testing Your Security and Privacy Identity Theft External Links Found in the Book As promised in the book, here isa listing of all the external links found in the book.

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