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Trend Micro recently published its traditional year-end study with forecasts and security trends for the future. Advances in existing technologies, for both criminals and for users, will bring new challenges and scenarios for security. A well-planned strategy should always think ahead, keeping an eye on trends which present, so you can always be adapted to the new strategies of the attackers.

The following are six predictions for 2016:

1-2016 will be the year of Extortion Online

The ransomware was a strategy and adopted by criminals over the past decade, and successfully. We have seen an increase of this kind of threat in 2015, as well as other forms of extortion, such as DDoS attacks against e-mail servers. It is hoped that criminals use increasingly elaborate schemes to run this type of scam.

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2 - China will be responsible for the growth of mobile malware in 2016, mobile payment methods will be attacked

Reports show that every 4 apps, 3 are malware in China. The download of applications in unofficial stores are common in the country, which contributes to the chaotic scene in the security of mobile devices. One should pay attention also to the methods of mobile payments, increasingly common, they certainly draw the attention of criminals, who will try to exploit vulnerabilities in these methods.

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3 - Data Leaks will be used by hacktivists systematically to undermine their targets

Some time ago, hacktivists basically worked with tactics of DDoS and Web defacement. As we have seen this year, they evolved tactics. Here in Brazil, the Brazilian Army had more than 7000 user accounts leaked by hacktivists.

4 - Despite the need for a professional expert in data protection, less than 50% of companies will have this position in 2016

Companies are finally realizing the need for a professional who is focused on ensuring the integrity of data within and outside the corporate environment. However, research conducted by Global Banking and Finance pointed out that less than 50% of companies have plans to rely on this professional next year.

A successful security strategy must be connected with the business objectives,

5 - ad blocking extensions will change the advertising market on the Internet and kill malvertising

Users are increasingly annoyed by intrusive advertisements online. Therefore, the release of the blocking extensions is growing. This movement will cause the companies that advertise legitimately seek other ways to draw the attention of users to their products and services. These new forms also draw the attention also of criminals, provemendo ultimately, the end of malvertising.

6 - The legislation against cybercrimes take a definitive step towards becoming a global movement

In all cases the last few years, it became clear that cybercrime is a global movement and needs the joint efforts of governments around the world to be fought. It is expected that the cybercrime legislation will be a strong agenda in 2016.

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Protect your business against new threats requires continuous monitoring of your infrastructure and critical business information. It is necessary to review security logs and alerts in real-time to identify and combat malicious activity. scalable procedures and advanced analysis technology are essential for detecting and responding to threats to be effective.

An alternative to position the company to face the threats and increase security is the Managed Security Service (MSS). It aims to provide proper monitoring and management of security devices and systems, such as firewall, IPS, availability monitoring, anti-virus, among others, operated remotely from a modern center for security operations, where a specialized team monitors and manages the system environment 24 x 7.

A major advantage of the services made possible by MSS providers is the constant updating of the newest types of threats and attacks on the market by cybercriminals and forms of combat, avoiding potential vulnerabilities of the company. Gartner points out several benefits to hiring a MSS provider, such as increasing the level of safety and reduced costs for companies, detection and prompt treatment of vulnerabilities or attacks because of their expertise; coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; besides having a qualified staff consisting of enough specialists for management of various business environments.

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It is essential to CSO's speak the language of business and bring safety issues to the executive board of the company.

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