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Is an attempt to encrypt malware your important data files, and will be asked to pay in exchange for the decryption key, both large and small enterprises have to face this growing problem. In fact, extortion encryption software, using advanced techniques to avoid being discovered extortion software, related attacks in recent months has continued warming. Global Threat Intelligence network can be said to have witnessed the rise of the way encryption. From 2013 onwards, we have detected that the proportion of traditional software extortion and blackmail encryption software, and the evolution from the past to today's 80/20 20/80.

Just enough backup

For a complete defense must contain a good backup strategy. But even if you can quickly take advantage of cloud backup to re-recovery system, still can not avoid the operation of the interrupt. Preferably in the first impact of extortion software to detect and eliminate ago Profile.

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Signature alignment restrictions

Pattern matching technology is still one of the core elements of endpoint defense, blocked more than 1.4 billion monthly pen. Pattern matching is very energy efficient practices against known malware. However, in the advanced malware (including encryption) era, just pattern matching and can not fully protect you.

OfficeScan protection extortion software capability

In recent years, has not only uses the pattern matching technology, also used to monitor behavior, memory and other next-generation technologies inspection to detect malware. OfficeScan V11 SP1 strengthen these technologies, adding new features for the extortion of the software. Now with the following protection:

  • Use the cloud and the local side to the whitelist false positives to a minimum, so as not to affect the well known procedures (process).
  • Through existing prevention / detection layer to block known malicious software (using the signature on file level than the right, or use smaller fragments than in unraveling the package / memory check).
  • The unknown object found with the) global threat intelligence data were correlated with improved risk assessment. If the object is an SPN unknown or rarely seen, will be marked more suspicious.
  • Usage behavior monitoring technology to detect abnormal or malicious activity patterns to detect hidden malware activities. OfficeScan will encrypt particular view or modify files unknown program (process), in order to discover more immediate extortion encryption software. In addition, we constantly update behavior detection rules to strengthen the detection rate of extortion software.
  • Rapid termination of extortion software process (process) and isolate the affected endpoint, significantly reduce data loss and reduce / prevent the spread of extortion software.
  • Note: Trend Micro with these new advanced features to strengthen endpoint protection software to respond to these attacks extortion. (To download OfficeScan V11 SP1 and Worry-Free Standard / Advanced V9.0 SP2 extortion latest protection software updates.)

App whitelist

Provide you with an extra layer of protection on the endpoint. Whitelist feature helps prevent unwanted and unknown applications (such as extortion and zero-day malware software) executed. You can set policies to allow only trusted applications and block all untrusted files / app. If you have purchased Trend Micro, which may have been authorized security protection, make sure you enable it.

Trend Micro mail gateway protection software to prevent extortion

Trend Micro and our cloud and on-premises email gateway protection can first be filtered before the malware / spam into your corporate network.

In addition, both solutions provide advanced capabilities to detect blackmail software:

  • Use Advanced Threat Scan Engine (ATSE) to detect file exploits and zero-day threats, which combines signature matching and heuristic scanning.
  • To analyze suspicious files via sandbox environment safely (already included, for the purchase).

Our endpoint protection combined with leakage detection network intrusion, use custom sandbox environment to perform the detection of suspicious samples from the web page or email gateways (extortion software safely, and other zero-day malware ). If sandbox analysis of malicious code, Deep Discovery will be quickly updated in real signatures to the endpoint to respond. Detect and respond to threats to the local side can provide timely protection more quickly, reduce, or other malicious software within the organization extortion software spread.

Clean up your system

In the case has been under attack, Trend Micro malware removal tool to remove and prevent its spread to other endpoints.

@ ORIGINAL: Author: Andrew Stevens

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